Your bond with your pets is what drives us here at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic. It is not only our job to make sure your pet is happy, comfortable, and healthy, but to protect, encourage, prolong, and strengthen your bond with your pet by promoting their health and well-being. According to the AVMA, “the human animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors considered essential to the health and well-being of both. The bond includes, but is not limited to, the emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment”.

It is easy to see the basic ways that pets benefit from us in this relationship. We give them food, water, shelter, medical care, and attention. But some of us know that even these basic needs can turn into something much more. Food can turn into prescription diets or home cooked treats. Shelter turns into the pet snuggling up to you in your bed or stealing your pillow. Medical care can be more demanding and extensive than you imagined. You might be treating diabetes, or your pet needed an expensive surgery. And we know the sky is the limit as far as attention goes!

Why are pet owners willing to go the extra mile in caring for pets? The benefit is not one sided, our pets give us so much in return. The daily tail wags and happy dances in front of the foot bowl reduce stress. They increase our physical activity, we put on our coat on go out on the extra walk just for them on days we would rather sit on the couch. They provide us with emotional support, they seem to know when we are down and come to our side. They provide us with social connections, as we stop along our walks to let neighbors pet our pups. As someone who grew up showing horses, some of my longest lasting friendships started in the barn. Research has also shown that relationships with animals can provide various health benefits such as decreasing likelihood of diseases worsened loneliness and having a positive influence in the development of children.

According to The New York Times, “70 percent of pet owners say they sometimes sleep with their pets; 65 percent buy Christmas gifts for their pets; 23 percent cook special meals for their pets; and 40 percent of married women with pets say they get more emotional support from their pets than from their husbands”. It is clear these relationships are not just one-side but become an integral part of our lives. To those living in Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas, let us help you maximize your relationship. At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic we build lasting connections with you and your pets to keep them happy and healthy, so you can have them by your side and in your lap for as long as possible.