Wellness Exams
Wellness exams help us to monitor the health of your pet and can help us detect disease in its earliest stages, so that we can help to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

Pets age comparatively much faster than we do, in one year an animal generally ages 5-7 “pet years”. For this reason we recommend bi-annual examinations.

Our recommendations for testing will change based on the age of your pet, but basic testing recommended annually are a fecal test to look for intestinal parasitism, a heartworm test for dogs, and a triple screen (heartworm, FeLV, FIV) for outdoor cats. Vaccinations will be taken care of during the wellness examination, an individualized vaccine protocol will be determined based on the age, lifestyle and risk level of your pet. During the wellness examination is a great time to talk about nutrition, dentistry, weight management and steps you can take to help your pet live as long and healthy of a life as possible.

Puppy and Kitten Visits
Puppies and kittens are dependent upon anti-bodies from their mothers in the early life stages. We booster their immunity with a series of vaccinations until your pet is immunologically mature, 16 weeks.
At this time your pet’s body will be ready to maintain an immune response to the vaccine for 1 year. Also during these visits we can discuss breed predispositions, preventative care against heartworm disease, intestinal parasitism, flea and tick infestation, and other vector borne diseases. Your pet will be tested for intestinal parasites at each visit, not only to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet, but also to protect those in close association with these new four-legged family members. At the end of the series we will discuss getting your pet spayed or neutered and schedule that procedure at your convenience.
Diagnostic Visits
Although we would love if every pet coming to see us was feeling great, unfortunately that is not always the case.

When your pet is showing any signs of illness, lethargy, not acting like themselves, itchy ears or skin, etc. this is when you come to see us for a diagnostic exam. We will evaluate your pet, get a complete history from you, and discuss diagnostics and treatments and come up with a plan that works for both you and your pet.

Surgical Services

At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic we feel strongly that while although spays and neuters are frequently performed procedures, we don’t refer to them as “routine”.
A spay is an intra-abdominal surgery and although a neuter does not require entry into the abdominal cavity this procedure also requires the removal of an organ and ligation of significant blood vessels. We treat these surgical procedures with as much care as any other procedure. We are able to perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgical procedures as well as some orthopedic procedures. Based on your pet and your family’s needs we are happy to discuss whether your pet can be taken care of at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic or if referral to a Board Certified surgeon is recommended.
Diagnostic Imaging
We offer digital radiology which allows for high quality images that allow for quick interpretation.
In addition, digital radiology also gives us the ability to send our images to a board certified radiologist for cases that may be difficult to interpret. Dogwood Veterinary Clinic also has an ultrasound which really enhances our diagnostic capability. We are able to do full abdominal scans to search for signs of cancer, organ dysfunction, and congenital abnormalities. We also can use the ultrasound to guide sample collection such as intra-abdominal fine needle aspirates, and tru-cut biopsies. Sonographic imaging has significantly changed over the past 7-10 years and can quickly diagnose serious medical conditions that previously were difficult to identify.
Maintaining your pet’s oral health can add years to their life. Did you know that periodontal disease is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease in our pets?
Bacterial plaques (calculi) colonizing close to the gum line are frequently spread into the bloodstream leading to increased risk of cardiovascular plaques. Periodontal disease is extremely common in dogs and cats, the buildup of plaque affects the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth below the gum line and the periodontal ligament (which anchors the teeth).

Periodontal disease cannot be diagnosed with out oral radiology, this is why a full set of dental radiographs are highly-recommended with every dental cleaning. This can allow us to pull diseased teeth prior to obvious superficial abnormalities, preventing unnecessary pain, discomfort and ongoing bone loss. In addition, a complete and thorough oral examination and cleaning cannot be performed on animal that is not under general anesthesia. When your pet comes in for a dental prophylaxis they will be under general anesthesia with anesthetic monitoring so that their teeth are thoroughly cleaned and any diseased teeth or gingiva is discovered and treated.

Regular wellness exams helps us to monitor for any external signs of dental disease and allow us to recommend dental prophylactic cleaning as needed based on your pets breed and needs, however for all pets over 3 years of age a minimum of annual cleaning is recommended.

Bloodwork and Urinalysis
We have in house capabilities to run complete blood count, chemistry panels and urinalysis as well as other diagnostics blood tests and snap tests, which are quick screens for particular diseases.

For tests that we do not require immediate results or for more advanced diagnostics we have the capability to send samples to a diagnostic lab, this lab is located in Louisville and returns results quickly. Our in house capabilities are great for evaluating sick patients for which we need fast results.

We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork for all of our patients to look for any signs of anemia, organ dysfunction, congenital abnormalities or indications that your pet may not handle anesthesia or a surgical procedure well. We may also recommend bloodwork and urinalysis for senior pets or as a way of monitoring pets with previously diagnosed conditions.

Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative medicine refers to therapies that aim to restore orthopedic function and alleviate pain using the body’s own tools, such as stem cells and blood products.
These therapies are not intended to be used as a sole treatment mechanism, but rather in addition to other therapies such as, anti-inflammatory medications, supplements, and physical rehabilitation. Our hospital offers advanced diagnostic ability and cutting edge treatment options including stem-cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. These treatment options can be attempted in non-surgical candidates or in conjunction with orthopedic surgery such as cruciate ligament repair as way of helping promote complete healing.
Emergency Care
If you would like to see a Dogwood Veterinarian that has a relationship with you and your pet for emergency care please read about our concierge service and contact our hospital about signing up.
If you do not wish to sign up for our concierge service, in the event of an emergency we recommend you go to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital. The hospital is located on Magisterial Drive, just 15 minutes from our hospital.
Concierge Medicine
There are times when the care of your pet may require attention after regular business hours. At Dogwood we appreciate the services that emergency hospitals provide.
These hospitals allow general practitioners to turn their phones off on nights and weekends and to spend uninterrupted time with their friends and family. Emergency hospitals also provide Doctor accessibility and patient monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although emergency hospitals are available at any time of day you will not get to see YOUR veterinarian who you have a relationship with and knows your pet’s history. Additional potential negative aspects to walk-in emergency care can be long wait times as well as premium pricing which are necessary to support a 24-hour facility.

Dogwood Veterinary Clinic is offering an industry groundbreaking solution for a limited number of clients. For our clients that want to have access to their personal veterinarian for emergency situations, questions or concerns we are offering a Concierge Service for an annual membership fee.

This exclusive membership will give you a direct line by which you can text or call Dr. Chris or Dr. Katie. You will be able to call DVC at any time with questions, concerns, or emergencies. These calls are designed to discuss directly with your veterinarian what your pet is experiencing, if they need to be seen immediately or if the issues can wait until normal business hours. You also may call us to ask general questions about your pet’s nutritional needs, overall health, or any other matter you’d like to discuss with a Veterinarian. This is an exclusive membership. We will only see after hours emergencies for our clients that have elected to sign up for this concierge service. This is an optional service, membership is not required to be a patient at DVC.

This concierge service is not a guarantee. There is still a potential to be directed to an emergency clinic. Concierge Service Membership is designed to help prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency clinic, to provide as much personal service as possible for your pet and give you the peace of mind that your pet is receiving the best possible care.

Experience has shown that there are very few circumstances under which you may still need to take your pet to an emergency hospital after an initial consultation with your veterinarian although there are circumstances that would call for it.

  • There is a limited possibility that both Dr. Chris and Dr. Katie are out of town or unavailable, this will be an extremely rare occurrence, but a possibility we must inform you of. This membership is not a guarantee that a DVC veterinarian will be available to see your pet but there are very limited circumstances where we will not be able to provide you with personal service as needed.
  • A second instance you may be referred to an emergency hospital is if your pet is in critical condition and we believe your pet would be better suited for 24-hour care/ monitoring. While we have the capability to hospitalize your pet overnight, we do not have a veterinarian/technician that will continue to monitor your pet 24/7. One of the benefits of our concierge service is that in the event you are referred to an emergency hospital one of the veterinarians of Dogwood will help to serve as a liaison and can help aid in communication between you, the client, and the emergency center. This will ensure that the emergency center has all pertinent history and that you understand fully your pet’s condition, diagnostic and treatment plan.

Please call our hospital for additional details and to sign up for our concierge service. If you do not wish to sign up for our concierge service, in the event of an emergency we recommend you go to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital. The hospital is located on Magisterial Drive, just 15 minutes from our hospital.