If you have one or more pets that require major or minor veterinary care, you need a veterinary office you can trust to care for your pet and one that provides quality care you can feel confident about. Whether you are searching for vets in Louisville, KY or a specialty dog surgeon in Louisville, KY, the right veterinary office will provide you with an extensive range of services, including surgery, medical care, necessary veterinary procedures, the option of regenerative medicine, and more.

Spay/Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet can play a major role in the health of your pet, how long it lives and can even prevent unwanted behaviors. Many pet owners choose to spay or neuter their pet because it can prevent certain types of cancer and allow them to live longer and healthier lives. The age for spaying and neutering your pet depends on the breed and its disease predispositions, but generally is recommended around six months old. Spaying or neutering your pet also prevents unwanted manners such as unplanned pregnancies, excessive barking, roaming in females and mounting in males.
If you are interested in learning more about spaying or neutering your pet or scheduling a procedure, contact your local vet clinic in Louisville, KY.


Keeping your pet up to date with vaccinations is an important part of its health. These vaccinations prevent your pet from developing life-threatening diseases, illnesses, spreading illnesses to owners, etc. Most of the vaccinations administered to pets are given annually, but some are given less frequently depending on the circumstances.
If you have any questions regarding your pet’s vaccination status or need to schedule an appointment, contact your vet in Louisville KY.

Dental Care

Dental hygiene is an important part of your pet’s health. Caring for your pet’s teeth helps prevent unwanted bacteria buildup in its mouth. One way to go about caring for your pet’s dental hygiene includes scheduling a visit with your veterinarian in Louisville, KY to perform a dental examination. Another way is by brushing your pet’s teeth with pet friendly toothpaste. This will help remove plaque and tartar that can cause diseases. If you are unable to brush your pet’s teeth, treats and toys are available to be purchased to help remove plaque as well.
If you have any questions regarding your pet’s dental hygiene, contact your veterinarian clinic in Louisville KY.

A Dog Surgeon in Louisville, KY

Vets can help with more than just necessary procedures. In rare cases, emergencies or chronic health conditions may require your dog to undergo surgery to ensure optimal health and longevity. When your dog needs surgery, whether for a minor or major condition, it can cause stress and anxiety, and it may even feel like a family member is undergoing surgery.

For that reason, you must find a vet you can trust to care for your dog through every step of this process. At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic, we offer several different surgical services, including routine services like quality spays and neuters, specialized orthopedic surgeries, like the MMP procedure, and emergency surgical services.

You can count on our office to provide exceptional and quality care for your pet, whatever your need may be. Contact us today at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic to learn more about our services and request an appointment.