Holiday Travel Tips for Pet Owners

The holiday season is approaching, leaving many pet owners unsettled on how to incorporate them in their travel plans. If you are planning a trip this holiday season, here are tips from the Dogwood Veterinary Clinic on how to navigate the holiday travel season as a pet owner.
Find a Pet-Sitter to Work With
It is not uncommon for pets to dislike traveling. In fact, most pets do not travel well at all. If your pet has a difficult time traveling or is not able to attend, finding a pet sitter is a favorable alternative.  Your pet sitter will provide to your pet’s needs and help maintain human companionship while you enjoy your holiday festivities!

Before you hire a pet sitter, it is important to find somebody you trust. You should leave the pet sitter with plenty of food, treats, and any other supplies they could need while you are gone. You also want to make sure to leave them the contact information of your nearest Veterinarian in Louisville, KY for any emergencies. Give your sitter thorough feeding instructions and information on your pet’s routine so your sitter knows how to properly care for them.

Accommodate Your Pet’s Travel Needs

If your pet is traveling with you this holiday season, you need to make sure you bring everything your pet will need with you during your travels. This includes having carriers or other equipment that will allow them to ride safely with you in your vehicle. If you’re flying, you should contact the airline to confirm everything you need to allow your pet to fly safely. In most cases, you will need to make sure your pet is up to date with their immunizations. If you are unsure of what vaccinations are necessary before travel, schedule an appointment with your local Louisville, KY vet.

Bring along plenty of food to keep your pet well-fed while you are out on your holiday travels. Bring a few more days worth of dog food than you plan to stay so you are prepared for any unexpected circumstances. Be sure to have plenty of your pets regular medication available and leave instructions for your sitter regarding use of the medication!

Keep a Consistent Routine

Pets can be like newborn babies and can become anxious when their daily routine changes. It is important to keep this in mind before and during your holiday travels to minimize the impact it has on your pet.

If you are leaving your pet behind when you go on your travels, stick to your daily routine until the day you leave. Make sure the person watching your pet knows the routine they should be sticking to. If your pet is joining you on your travels instead, try to re-create your daily routine at your travel destination to give your pet a sense of normalcy.

Get Your Check-Up at a Veterinary Clinic in Louisville, KY

Whether your pet is joining you on your holiday travels or not, ensuring they are in good health prior to your travel plans will help give you peace of mind. The clinic will help avoid any health issues that could harm the well-being of your pet and throw a spanner in your travel plans. Dogwood Veterinary has certified veterinarian technicians to assist your pet in any way needed. In fact, Dogwood Veterinary Clinic commonly prescribes medication for pets with anxiety.  Sometimes when an owner is away this can be a big help in alleviating stress to the pet and the owner.

If you have any other questions about holiday travels with your pet or anything involving caring for your pet, our staff is happy to help. Reach out to Dogwood Veterinary Clinic for all your pet care needs!