When it comes to our beloved pets, their well-being is always a top priority. At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic in Louisville, KY our best vets want you and your pets to have the best and most carefree summer yet. Over the summer there can be an increase in occurrences that commonly cause your pets anxiety. This blog will discuss anxiety caused by storms, fireworks, and separation.

One common issue that many pet owners face is storm anxiety in their dogs and cats. The loud noises, bright flashes, due to storms or fireworks and sudden changes in weather can trigger fear and anxiety in our furry companions. Understanding how to identify and help your pets cope with anxiety during these times is crucial in ensuring their safety and well-being. Dogs and cats can display various signs of storm or firework anxiety, such as pacing, panting, trembling, hiding, vocalizing, or even destructive behavior like chewing or scratching. It’s essential to recognize these signs and provide comfort and support to your pets during these times.

When it comes to loud noises and fireworks, many pets can get easily startled or frightened. To keep them safe and calm during noisy events, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, consider the following tips:

  1. Create a safe environment: Designate a quiet, secure area in your home where your pets can retreat to. This could be a cozy room with their favorite bed and toys, away from windows and external noises.

  2. Use calming products: Consider using products like pheromone diffusers, calming collars, or anxiety vests to help soothe your pets during stressful situations.

  3. Provide distractions: Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, or treats can keep your pets engaged and distracted from the loud noises outside. Playing calming music may help distract and sooth pets from external noise.

  4. Stay calm and reassuring: Your pets look to you for guidance and comfort. Maintain a calm demeanor and provide reassurance through gentle petting or cuddling.

  5. Consult your veterinarian: If your pet’s anxiety is severe or persistent, consult with your veterinarian. Dogwood Vet clinic can offer additional tips, behavior modification techniques, probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome or even medications to help manage your pet’s anxiety.


Separation anxiety is another common issue that many dogs and cats experience, summertime may lead to more vacations and time away. This condition is characterized by distress when left alone, leading to behaviors like excessive barking or meowing, destructive chewing, or house soiling. Pets can become affected with stress colitis causing diarrhea. Building a routine and gradually desensitizing your pets to your departure can help reduce separation anxiety. Providing interactive toys, puzzles, or calming music can also distract and comfort them while you’re away. You will want to ensure these toys are safe and not something your pet is at risk to chew up and swallow. Training your pets to a crate as a puppy is so important in preventing separation anxiety and helping your pet to feel comfortable while you are away. Crate trained pets see their crates as their safe space, so this can be a comfort to them while you are away rather than an additional stressor to put them in a crate when this is something they aren’t used to. This also will prevent the issue of destructive chewing or soiling in your home if your pet is confined to a crate.

Remember, every pet is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. With patience, understanding, and a little extra care, you can help your furry friends navigate storm anxiety, separation anxiety, and noisy events with comfort and reassurance.

Taking proactive steps to address your pet’s anxiety and ensuring their safety during stressful situations will make a significant difference in their well-being and quality of life. Make sure to be a step ahead by scheduling a consultation with one of the best veterinarians at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic prior to these stressful events to help ease the transition. The expert veterinarians at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky can discuss the signs you are seeing in your pet and help you to develop a medical and environmental plan to keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible during storms, fireworks and separation. Your pet is lucky to have you as their calm and supportive companion. By planning ahead with Dogwood Veterinary Clinic you can help your pets feel secure, loved, and at ease, no matter the weather outside in Louisville, Kentucky all summer long.