veterinarians in Crestwood KY

veterinarians in Crestwood KY

We understand your never-ending search for 'vet near me.' At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic, we offer the best dog and cat services with a team of compassionate, skilled, and experienced staff. At our veterinarian and animal care center, we offer wellness exams, diagnostic visits, surgical services, and other types of pet services. Dr. Chris and Dr. Katie are top veterinarians in Crestwood, KY, with several positive reviews that vouch for the work they do.

Signs of dogs in pain

A dog can be in pain as a result of an injury or an underlying issue. Some of the signs that indicate pain in dogs include:

  1. If your dog exhibits aggressive or anti-social behaviors, suddenly, it is a cause for concern.
  2. If you find your dog sleeping for long hours than usual, it can be because they are finding it challenging to move around. Similarly, if your canine exhibits noticeable changes in food and water intake, you must consult with a vet at the earliest.
  3. Other signs of a dog in pain include excessive yelping, snarling, howling, and growling.

Besides these, if your canine shows signs of agitation, grumpiness, depression, limping, or heavy panting, make sure to take them to an animal clinic immediately. Dr. Katie is one of the best veterinarians near Crestwood, KY, and she excels at treating dog illnesses and diseases.

What is an emergency for a dog?

It is not uncommon for your furry friends to encounter medical emergencies at some point in their life. It can be due to a fall, accident, choking, heatstroke, or an insect sting. Here is a list of medical emergencies in dogs:

  • Pale gums, rapid breathing, weak or rapid pulse
  • Change in body temperature, difficulty standing, apparent paralysis
  • Loss of consciousness, seizures, excessive bleeding.

If your pet starts displaying any similar symptoms, make sure to approach him calmly by calling his name and gently lifting him. Support your dog's neck and back in case your pet was injured in an accident and take him to the closest animal clinic immediately. We are the best animal hospital in Crestwood with highly qualified physicians and staff members.

Vet services we offer

We are a fully-equipped animal clinic, and we offer holistic treatment for dogs, cats, and other animals. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Wellness exams – All pets must undergo wellness exams once every six months to stay healthy and safe from diseases. Our wellness exam includes basic testing, a fecal test, a heartworm test, a triple screen exam, and vaccinations. During these exams, we also offer advice on animal nutrition, dental care tips, weight management, etc. to the caretakers.
  • Emergency services –We are one of the few animal clinics to work beyond the general Crestwood veterinarian hours. We are open 24/7 for medical emergencies.
  • Surgery – Our doctor Chris and Katie specialize in performing surgeries such as spays, neuters, ACL repair, fixing fractures and dislocations, ear surgery, cancer surgery, etc.

Your search for the 'best vet near me' ends here. Call Dogwood Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a wellness exam for your canine or feline. Our leading veterinarians in Crestwood, KY, Dr. Chris, and Dr. Katie offer personalized care to your loved ones and ensure their wellbeing with the highest quality veterinary care.

veterinarians in Crestwood KY
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