Louisville dog surgeon

Louisville dog surgeon

At Dogwood Veterinary Clinic, we are a team of skilled and compassionate veterinary doctors, technicians, and nursing assistants. Our Louisville dog surgeon, Dr. Chris, has thousands of positive reviews to his credit and offers affordable animal care services.

Most common dog surgeries

Our veterinary surgeon in Louisville, Dr. Chris has several years of experience in operating canines. Some of the common surgeries in dogs include:

  • ACL repair - We do this surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament in the knee. It is a rather easy orthopedic procedure in dogs and helps prevent degenerative joint disease.
  • Fractures and dislocations - We have the special equipment and expertise to fix fractures and dislocations in animals.
  • Belly surgery - Your furry friends can sometimes swallow inedible objects, which can get trapped in their intestines. In such cases, we perform abdominal surgery to remove the obstruction

Besides these, cancer and spinal surgeries are some of the other common surgeries that we perform on dogs. We are one of the few dog vets in Louisville to offer surgery at affordable prices.

What to know before considering surgery for your dog

Our top dog surgeon in Louisville, Dr. Katie offers the best dog surgeries. Our doctor has performed hundreds of spay, neuter, and dental extraction surgeries in dogs. However, surgery is not for every canine and you must consider a number of things before opting for the intervention.

Make sure to discuss with your doctor about the possible surgical complications before you arrive at a decision. You must also consider the age and general health condition of your pet to determine if surgery will be the right move. Make sure to discuss with your doctor about the recovery time after surgery and the post-op care required and see if you have that kind of time for your canine.

Nevertheless, you must also consider the possible health implications, if you opt not to proceed with the surgery. At our animal care clinic, we explain the possible outcomes and risks associated with surgery and help animal owners make an informed and ethical decision.

Dog surgeries that we offer 

Our emergency vet in Louisville Dr. Chris performs a variety of surgical procedures and helps improve the quality of life in pets. Some of our top procedures include:

  • Sterilization surgery – Neutering and spaying are some of the regular procedures we perform. We also offer excellent post-op care to our recently operated pets.
  • Dental surgery – We perform procedures such as dental prophylaxis for cats and dogs, extraction of abscessed or broken teeth, FORLs, removal of gingival hyperplasia, etc.
  • Surgical oncology - We remove tumors in the skin, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract, and reproductive tract in animals.

Besides these, our veterinary specialists and emergency vets in Louisville also perform minor procedures like wound repair, foreign body removal, cystotomy, etc. Get in touch with one of us at Dogwood Veterinary Clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our top veterinarians. Our leading Louisville dog surgeon, Dr. Chris is a skilled veterinary practitioner and excels at treating small animals like cats and dogs.

Louisville dog surgeon
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