best vet near Prospect KY

best vet near Prospect KY

Dogwood Veterinary Clinic is a fully-equipped animal clinic in Prospect with a compassionate team of staff members. Dr. Katie is the best vet near Prospect, KY, with extraordinary animal care and surgical skills.

What makes the best veterinary clinic?

We hold the #1 place in the list of top veterinarian clinics in Prospect due to our large team of well-experienced staff members. Our top doctor Katie and Chris, are two highly skilled compassionate vets with hundreds of positive reviews to vouch for the quality of animal care they offer.

Besides, we offer comprehensive animal care services all under one roof at affordable prices. We are one of the few animal clinics with a secure online appointment booking option and offer 24/7 emergency care services.

Boarding and grooming services for pets

Boarding services refer to leaving your pets in the care of a facility for animals, while you go away on work for a couple of days. We are one of the best veterinarians near Prospect, KY, with the most hygienic boarding amenities.

Our team of staff offers personalized care to each animal in boarding and engages them in regular training, short walks, recreational activities, and feed them with nutritious meals. We also offer high-end grooming for all species of feline and canine to protect your furry friends from skin irritations, hair fall problems, tics, heartworms, etc.

We are a top choice for grooming services as we offer dog bath, nail trimming, filing, ear cleaning, hair brushing, etc. Most of our clients bring their pets to our clinic for a wellness exam with our veterinarians in Prospect, KY, and follow it up with grooming services to give their pets a nice new makeover.

Dog diagnostic imaging services

Dogs sometimes require diagnostic services like X-rays (radiographs), ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, etc., as they help find illnesses or diseases. Wellness exams can only offer so much insight into a dog's health, which is why we use diagnostic imaging to examine the internal workings of your canine. We use x-rays to find out if your dog swallowed any foreign object in case he has been throwing up consistently.

Similarly, we use MRIs to find out why a dog has difficulties in walking and check for signs of a herniated disc or spinal injury. Besides, x-ray and MRI, we use ultrasounds as a diagnostic tool to determine heart problems, fluid build ups, restricted blood flow, and other issues. Occasionally, we use CT scans to have a look at the internal tissues in your dog's chest. At our Prospect animal clinic, we use the most advanced medical imaging tools to offer your canine with the best treatment possible.

Schedule an appointment at our Dogwood Veterinary Clinic today to get your four-legged friend the best animal care and treatment. We are the most reliable and best vet near Prospect, KY, and we offer all types of veterinary care services from diagnostic imaging services and wellness exams to concierge services and surgeries.

best vet near Prospect KY
Dogwood Veterinary Clinic
+1 502-710-0170
10400 Meeting Street
Prospect KY 40059 US

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